Had my CCENT Exam Today..My experience

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Hey Guys,

Although I haven't posted on this forum before, I have been ghosting these forums for the past few months as I studied.

Some really good info, I would just like to share my exam experience as it was certainly unique (to me anyway)

I'll start by saying my practice exam score leading up to this were around 65-89% with a average of 75%. I was thinking about delaying the test, but since my work had paid for it I thought I could use this to at least get some exam experience.

The Test,

Firstly, once I completed the test I honestly thought i failed. When I got to the last question and confirmed the end of the test, I had already made up my mind 30 questions ago that I had failed.

I really struggled with the first 1-12 questions and simlets, my concentration was all over the place. I was struggling to even read basic "Show Run" outputs and answer simple questions. The noise in the testing room (even with earphones) was very off putting. I really got myself worked up and was slightly pee'd off with other candidates making noise, basically it was all turning into a bit of a nightmare. Thoughts about revising again and going through the whole exam experience also cropped up during questions.

There was 54 questions in 90 minutes. I worked out that I would need to be roughly at question 27 with 45 minutes to go. I wrote that on the laminate paper they gave me to remind me.

I was at question 14, with 42 minutes to go and struggling. At that point I sat back from the screen and sighed and thought "i have failed so I might as well try to relax and just get on with it and see what happens". It was probably the best thing that could have happened. From that point on, I rarely thought more than twice about a question. When the question came up and I didn't know the answer I just clicked my best guess and moved on immediately. I never tried to second guess myself at any point. I proceeded to answer 40 questions in 32 minutes, before I knew it I had completed the last question and still had 10 minutes to go. I pressed "End Test" waiting for the fail and it said "Congratulations you have PASSED, Your Score:870".

Now that was a turn up for the books! icon_cool.gif

So really, just remember things can go wrong....like REALLY wrong in the exam, but the best thing you can do is sit back and relax when answering the questions. Being 10 cm away from the screen is not going to help. Try and get comfortable and not all hunched up. If you struggle with concentration like me, try and devise some plans or tests to see what can stimulate you and get you focused. If that means eating or drink at a certain time or avoiding certain things like music, then it will help you on the day. Most importantly, it's not over until you see that result at the end, anything is possible.

Good luck to everyone who is sitting their exam soon. Cheers


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    what study material did you use to pass?
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    Congrats on the pass.
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    Congrats! Hopefully I'll get mine in July.
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    congrats! anything helps. I cross my legs on exams but thats just me.
    About the noise, there are people taking their GRE, LSAT and other exams I believe. They are banging out essays the entire time youre there usually. Its better to find a saturday afternoon test center. Thats what I learned.

    What was your study regimen?
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    I did pass my exam on last Tuesday.
    I must say that exam center, the room was without windows (which at the end of the day it's ok it does not distract you) and with aircon.
    I was the second one entered the room. After me, about 45 min later few more enter the room and I must say everyone were quiet and respect others exam takers. No one bang the keyboard and etc.
    There was no need of earplugs.
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    what study material did you use to pass?

    LOL didn't event congrats the guy lmao
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    Congrats! Excellent News

    ......I just got down with MCSA Server 2012 and have decided that I would like to get my CCNA done before the year is out. I originally planed to do some more Microsoft certs but I would like to diversify my Skill set over all so the CCNA will do just that.
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    Congrats!! Very nicely done :)
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    Congrats buddy! Great story/post!

    I remember doing the same for my exams. I'd be WAY behind. Like only answered 10Q through 40min. Then I just hauled butt and never looked back. Boom! Best thing I could do on those exams!

    Best wishes!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    congrats! anything helps. I cross my legs on exams but thats just me.
    About the noise, there are people taking their GRE, LSAT and other exams I believe. They are banging out essays the entire time youre there usually. Its better to find a saturday afternoon test center. Thats what I learned.

    What was your study regimen?

    I mostly agree with the Saturday advice...I've found that doing the exam in late morning works best for me since that is when I am the most awake. Unfortunately, not every testing center has Saturday hours, which sucks. My preferred testing center is ACC...they have a clean and bright facility with lots of room. When they aren't available I go to one that is on the seventh floor of a high rise that is considerably darker (windows have heavy drapes) and they cram you in like sardines. Overall, I usually recommend that people go to the facilities before signing up for the exam so that they know what to expect.
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    Congrats great story jajaj !! :)
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    It baffles me that testing centers aren't open on Saturdays.

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    Some of the ones near me are, especially some of the ones hosted at schools.
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    Congrats man!!
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    Exciting stuff. Good Job!
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    Congrats! What's next for you Marky_Marc?
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