Cannot ping other computers

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Im practicing for ccna and creating up my own scenarios to get the hang of the subnetting for each network. Although i can find the subnetting information pretty easy to work out im struggling to implement it in my networks to get an understanding. I have created a network with various switches and routers and cannot get the computer to ping on another router. Any help would be appreciated as i only just started my CCNA


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    1) you should set up default gateways for you pc interfaces That way when it is pinged from a pc on a different network, the pc knows to send the ping reply to its default gateway (the router for that network).

    2) by your selection for subnet and ip address, each pc is on a different network. it is best to give each network a different vlan number. Which you haven't.

    3) you need a router to talk between networks. you only have one network defined on your routers. So, pc111 and router1 can ping each other. But no one else can because you haven't defined any router for any other networks yet.
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