CISSP roughly 5years experience in infosec

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Hi. Im planning to take the CISSP next month. I have 4 years experience in Identity and Access Management and now working as a SOC analyst for about 7 months. I have a bachelors degree but after college i did some call center work as tech support for PC and service desk for about 5 years. Do you think ill be able to get the CISSP with this experience? I am also a holder of SSCP , CEH and ITIL foundation all active.


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    Since you have a degree, you would only need 4 years of experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains. Your 4 years of IAM can contribute. However, you will have to specify how your PC and Service Desk work related to one of the other 7 security domains. For example, incident management falls under the Security Operations domain. You have experience with Service Desk which encompasses Incident Management. If you're job duties required you to work security related incidents/tickets or log/monitor security events within the Service Desk then you would be able to use SecOps as your 2nd qualifying domain. Good luck!
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