Accessdata FTK Advanced Windows Forensics training - worth it?

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It's a 5 days forensics course, and the contents seems good to me

has anyone done it before? do you recommend it?

I haven't used FTK before, but will be using it (not extensively though).

Thinking of going on this training and paying out of pocket?

Also, are there free training material available?
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  • UnixGuyUnixGuy Are we having fun yet? Mod Posts: 4,147 Mod

    ^^ This is the training, have a look at the table of contents.

    I think training + flights + accomodation etc might all cost me around 3000 AUD, or 3500 AUD.
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    I only do Mobile Phone Forensics, but our Cyber Unit uses FTK and EnCase (mostly EnCase). Seems to me if you utilize one product there isn't too much difference from another product (I sort of look at it like Computer Science, if you get the basics then it's just the syntax of what you are working with that you need to pick up). I guess the real question is if it will apply to your everyday duties or is where you are looking to go? Then I would look to see what products are popular in your area or what your company uses.

    I will say I truly enjoy doing forensic work (phones especially). Most of the guys I knew that did it were computer techs who moved to the forensic side, where as I (and one of the Detectives I work with from time to time) are cybersecurity guys who made the jump. You'd be surprised how often your cybersecurity skills will come in handy doing forensics.
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