Doing what YOU want...

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Just some random thoughts that fits well in this forum....

Lately I have come to the realization that if I work HARD on what I really enjoy (in IT) there will be a "perfect" job out there somewhere waiting for me. This job will not feel like work. This job will be enjoyable.

I started working on getting into IT in mid 2012. At the time, I had basic "user" skills and had built a PC or two. I knew nearly nothing. So when I decided I am now going to work in IT, or work on getting into IT the angle I took was "become the most desirable candidate possible" to get hired ASAP and start getting experience.

I realize now, that may be necessary to get entry level jobs...but you are really missing the boat if you continue down that path long term (unless whatever that skill set was is your passion, than MPTY).


its been said here many times before and I will say it again: Focus on what you love about IT and dive in. There will be a job waiting for you.
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