PMP Leading and Directing Projects and Hours

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I'm looking into Project Management to help me with work. Since I'm the only IT guy with help from outside vendors, I figure it would be a great way to improve how work is done.

As far as the PMP, I saw the requirement for the 4500 hours. I'm trying to get a better view as to if the stuff I do at work for projects will count towards the hours.

So for example, I'm working on a project to upgrade our network infrastructure by replacing the wifi PoE adapters with PoE+ switches. So I've been doing research for a few hours to make sure the upgrade would work and also finding the right equipment so far.
Would the installation of needed software on multiple computers also be considered a project? :/

Also what would be a great way to document the hours?

I'm currently working on the CAPM at the moment but I'm interested in getting the PMP.
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