Failed the 103 with a 460

tuxedoturtletuxedoturtle Member Posts: 19 ■■■□□□□□□□
Failed the 103 on Monday this breaks my five test passing streak of Net+, A+, Project+, Sec+. I was really unsure what to expect out of this as the materials seem more vague and I wasn't sure how many of the questions would be what is the full syntax for this command with flags. I didn't get any of those just questions about full file patch of config files. I failed with a 460 so I was pretty close. Going back to redo some of the materials and taking it again on Monday. I have read the sybex book used the linux academy **** sheet which has been pretty helpful. Worked in uCertify prep engine some but they go over things that are not even objectives listed in the list so that kind of bothers me.


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