Security 401 Worried to Fail :(

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I'm planning to take the 401 before it expires on October ( correct me if i'm wrong ). I had gone through the exam objectives and I can confidently say that I know 60%-70% of the stuff listed there. Here is the problem though I had been in the IT industry for about 5 years and I knowledgeable with the techy stuff mentioned on the objective but I am struggling for to get the "compliance and security" and management part of the objectives sink into my head which really bothers me. You see English is not my native tongue and I am live and a "third word" country and I kinda need this exam to validate my skills. The situation is here in our country is that service desk and helpdesk field had been over saturated and even Nurses, I mean registered nurses can do our job with the training's provided by companies.

I have watching a lot of Prof. Messer's 401 videos and using the practice exam from examcompass but I still feel it's not enough. I really need to pass this exam so I could get a new job but I don't want to resort to using ****. Sorry for the lengthy post and for the slight rant.

Any tips or help to give confidence to pass this exam would be highly appreciated. TIA!
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