Dumb GCIH question

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When I sit the exam next week, I know I'm allowed to bring hardback books and notes. So basically the 6 SANS course books and an index for me. I keep reading that the index needs to be bound though. I have 8 pages in my index, so can I not bring this index if it's simply loose paper clamped/stapled together? I don't see where it states anywhere that it needs to be bound... is it just for ease of use and not an actual requirement?


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    Where did you read this? Some people do things like binding and adding colored tabs because it works for them, not because it's required. You can bring in any paper product in any way: creased, folded, crumpled, pristine, with grease stains, etc. As long as it's printed, it doesn't matter.

    Stuff I used:


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    I just double stapled my index, it worked fine for me. It doesn't have be a work of art. Your only going to use it once and never refer to it again. Some people are **** about making there index look pretty, but there's no requirements to do so.
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    I was leaning towards that answer, but wanted to verify.

    You guys rock, thank you!!
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    I put my index and other "non book" materials in a cheap 3 ring binder with page protectors. That is because I have a tenancy to be hard on my reference materials during the exam. I am known to accidentally rip pages loose from staples. That would annoy me and might cause some organizational problems during the test so I am willing to invest a few bucks in keeping them protected.
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    Just wanted to throw this idea out there...

    For my GSEC - I had a 43 page index....set up like others have w/four columns in Excel.

    My four columns looked like this ---> Terminology/Word - Book/Page Number - Definition - Example/Additional info

    I printed this out, double-sided and placed in a binder.

    I then created another Excel Spreadsheet with only the terms and book/page #'s ( https://tisiphone.net/2015/08/18/giac-testing/ - Pancakes method) and set this index up on 11 x 17 paper...
    When I shortened it down this way, I was able to print on three 11 x 17 size sheets of paper, all of my terms w/page #'s.

    I took both index's with me to the test - I often found that when I needed to go to the index to look something up, the 11 x 17 paper was easier to look at vs. the 43 page index....but at times I did use both.

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