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Passed the SSCP this week on my 1st attempt-overall a pretty challenging exam because of the question format-so many "what is the BEST way....", "what is the MOST effective method...", etc. type of questions. Very theoretical in nature. This will renew my Security + cert, which was one big driving force behind taking the SSCP, other than advancing my career.

I used mostly the Daril Gibson AIO book, read some sections of the official CBK guide, and took Transcender practice exams-I found those to be very beneficial to help shore up areas of knowledge over the last week of prep time.

Now for the endorsement process-I work primarily in a desktop support role, but I am a subject matter expert for our single sign on solution so that is what I will probably be basing my experience on under the access control domain. Hoping to land a security analyst type of position in the future. Now I can relax a bit over the summer and and think about what cert I want to look at next.


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    congrats and good luck!
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    Good job, keep it up!
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    Congrats! What is next on your Certification roadmap?

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    Congrats! What is next on your Certification roadmap?

    Not sure yet, I think my employer would like to see Network + or a Microsoft cert. I like to take the summer off from hitting the books too much and work on something more fun. I'm doing a little ethical hacking class on Udemy, got Kali Linux set up as a VM along with a few other VM's so I just want to play around with that for awhile before I dive into the next cert in the fall.
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    Like you, I am taking the summer off for studies.. but this year I am trying to build the momentum for the CISSP. I had the opportunity to go to VeeamON to take the VMCE class, so I did a pause in my study to do the VMCE exam. I am taking family holiday in July so I knew I won't be 100% focused on my studies but I dont want to lose what I learnt. I had a big winter... VCP6 in Feb, SSCP in March, Veeam VMCE in May. So I am targeting late august for CISSP... for this fall, no definitive plan yet, it could be CCSP or MCSA 2016 or another.
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    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry
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