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I'm curious how many people took the CCNA 200-120 route verus opting for breaking the exam up into the CCENT and then CCNA. I'm interested in taking the 200-120 route. What are some pros and cons of taking the exam altogether?
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    CCNA composite route:
    + you need to sit only one exam
    + fewer questions
    + little bit cheaper
    - a lot of topics to learn/lab/memorize

    CCENT -> CCNA route:
    + less topics to focus on
    + CCENT as prereq. for some specialized CCNA
    +- two exam
    - little bit expensive
    - more questions

    These are just some of pros/cons. I'm sure there's more.
    In general, the composite route is for more skilled and experienced test takers who's already have some networking background.
    On the other hand, the two exam route is for network beginners.
    Of course there are exceptions for both cases like myself. I did the composite with minimum real world exp. I was just curious how thing works.
    It took me about a year of study, building lab.. but that's another story.
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    I will always recommend doing the composite exam. However, you need to study as if you were taking them separately
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