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Curious if it's common for your first few months to basically be in learning mode and not getting a lot of projects? I've usually been handed work in the first week maybe 2, but this is a large environment, lots of silo'd teams and it just has that feel that is might be over staffed, either case.

I've been given a few little things to manage. Is this normal?

I consider myself a senior member on this forum, but never really experienced this. One of my friend, who used to work for a very large fortune 500 said don't be surprised if that doesn't go on for months maybe a year.



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    and it all depends if you are a government contractor. Very common.
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    I think that's pretty normal, especially if it's a large org. When I started at my current job, I was told to just review documentation for a month to get an understanding of everything.
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    First time in a larger organization. Productivity/efficiency seems more limited than in the past. Also encountering formal security team and CR process which is making things excruciating.
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    Man, I've been thrown to the wolves everywhere I've gone icon_lol.gif Sounds like you'll have time to get your feet wet though.
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    It's one of those things that depends a lot on your manager. They might be the type that likes to throw you straight into the fire or ease you in. I've had jobs in large organizations where I sat and read documents and diagrams for weeks and one where I was put on call my first week. Sink or swim kind of deal.
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    In my case this was 6 months of training before I was left to do a job alone
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    I'm 17 years in at a Fortune 100 company and we tend to toss people right into the action. Overstaffed is not a word we hear very often, unless we are talking about somewhere else, LOL. Responsibilities will progress over time, but get some orientation the first week (laptop, accounts, required training, job shadowing, etc), then get to work! :)

    Depends on the company.
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