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Thanks again to Johann and all who contribute on this site.


Now, I rest for a few hours, and I move onto 70-270.

I was reviewing the books for the 70-270 exam. Would the MS Press, Sybex, and EC2 be adequate for the exam? How is the 3rd edition Sybex for XP exam? I was disappointed with theie typos and wrong information for the Security+ exam, so I am a little leery of Sybex

Again...many thanks to all.
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    I'm usually satisfied with Sybex, I was overall satisfied with their Network+ book but did see some typos and some information that was not 100% accurate. Right now I am in the process of studying for the Security+ and have alredy read teh Sybex book and noticed a couple of things I'm sure you noticed as well (typos ect...).
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    Breadfan wrote:
    Now, I rest for a few hours, and I move onto 70-270.
    Congratulations! :D

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