What do you write on the whiteboard?

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I am taking my CCENT exam soon (prob in the next week icon_study.gif) and was wondering the most important references I should write down on the provided white board. I have a couple obvious ones such as the bit values, 128 64 32..... and so forth, and the mask values that correspond with them, such as 128 192 224.....

What are some not so obvious things you wrote down to help you out and save some time? Thanks in advance! icon_thumright.gif


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    maybe, 2*10 = 1024;2*9=512 and so on for host portions
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    I don't write anythin beforehand but I will write down questions I found difficult incase i fail
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    For me, I wrote down bit values and mask values, with host portions and then I also jotted down all security related syntax for routers, including ACL commands. I felt confident and only looked at the sheet for the bit-values a couple times, but the rest was there if I needed it and boosted my confidence.
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    I will write down the powers of 2, multiples of 16, private IP ranges for each network class. Perhaps even the address ranges per class. Across the top I will write

    128 192 224 240 248 252 254 255
    128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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    Subnetting guides, luckily I don't always use the charts, I do subnetting in my head/fingers pretty eaisly
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    Aside from subnetting stuff, for the CCENT I wrote down things I could easily get flustered with and/or confused. IE cable standards, standard AD values, IPv6 abbreviations. Not ALL of them just whatever was giving me trouble - multicast/linklocal unicast/unique local, what standard is mmf vs smf.
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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I got some good ideas now. I'll be taking my test hopefully Friday so wish me luck.
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