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You are the help desk support staff for JoJo.com. JoJo.com uses WinXP as the main desktop OS. A staff gives you a removable media with NTFS on it. You need to change the permissions on it so that John can access it. John should NOT be allowed to modify anything on th media. What should you do?

A) Take control over the media, and grand him Read and execute permission

B) Format the media, and grant him Read and execute permission

C) Change the media to dynamic state, and grant him Read and execute permission

D) Change the media to static state, and grant him Read and exectue permission

E) You cannot do this

my opinion is A, but i'm not sure of the answer, and this question did not have an answer i got it from free online resource, need answer please. Thanks.


  • win2k8win2k8 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 262
    Actually now that i think about it i think answer is E) You cannot do this. Because i remember reading somewhere that removable media cannot be formatted as NTFS, is this correct?
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    Hmmm, I actually do think you can do this and I believe the answer is A. Because I believe by default removable media formatted as NTFS is only granted access to the owner/Administrator.

    I could be wrong, but I would go with A if I had a gun to my head. icon_lol.gif
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    Defiantly E. Removable media cannot be formatted using the NTFS format. If you believe its wrong try it on any removable media.
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    The answer is A!
    I'm using Techskills to study for this exam and this question is on the testprep.
    Also just purchased my 2nd thumb drive ie.. usb removable media and formatted it with NTFS through Disk Management just to see if it would work.
    Now floppies and cd's cannot be formatted in NTFS so I agree with you there but answer is absolutely AAAA icon_exclaim.gif
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    Hmm... Strange question.

    Everything that I've read has said explicately that removable media cannot be formatted as NTFS.
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    I noticed how the question says, "with NTFS on it" which means its already on the removable media, which technically has to eliminate E as a answer choice, so A would be the best answer... because they said its already on the media, NTFS... That was kinda tricky though, but you have to read question well i guess.
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    Its E. I have already taken my test and I recieved a 100% on 3 catagories out of the 5. The other two catagories I scored within the strong area. I scored a 949 overall. If you want to go with A go right ahead. However I believe my answer to be correct..
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