CCNA question related to WGU

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Hello, as one or two of you may know I am enrolled into WGU after recently passing my Net+ exam. I am 3-5 weeks away from taking (and passing) the Security+ and that will get me real close to the 12 credits I need for the first six months. My question now is...

The CCNA is broken up into 2 parts, ICND1-2, with the Net+ do you think I can study for and pass the CCNA in six months or should I stick to the CCENT route?

Should I take get the ICND1 classes in the first semester if it's possible? Should I just take as few classes as possible and study the CCENT on my own and take the test???
Currently enrolling into WGU's IT - Security Program. Working on LPIC (1,2,3) and CCNA (and S) as long term goals and preparing for the Security+ and A+ as short term goals.


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    Net+ to CCNET is about the same sized jump as from Net+ to Sec+.

    The CCNA R&S exam is where you really need to know your stuff.

    How long did it take you to get your Net+?

    Six months is a long time to study for any Q&A cert.
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