Passed CISA

The_AMThe_AM Member Posts: 10 ■■■□□□□□□□
Took CISA exam on 6th June, received the preliminary passed message at the end of the test and was waiting for detailed result ever since. It was my second crack at it, received detailed result notification just a couple of hours ago (exactly 10 days after the exam), got scaled score of 487.

Did selective study, mainly focused on the domains which caused trouble in 1st attempt (Domain 2 & 5), studied from CISA RM summary/synopsis kind of deck collection which I found on scribed as I always found official CISA review manual very dry, focused less on Q&AE, didn't actually finished all questions, something I should've done at least twice, score reflects the same.

Anyways, overall relatively satisfied that I passed the exam, sharing the experience as I feel that there is always someone who might find it relative and useful.


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