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I recently graduated with an A.S in Network Infrastructure (large emphasis on Cisco) and I'm sitting for my CCNA within the next couple of weeks. I am currently just north of Tampa, but looking to quickly relocate to Washington state. I've been applying like crazy for anything in that area that I feel I may have the qualifications for and haven't been getting any responses until today.

A nonprofit organization contacted me for a tech position that I met the qualifications for. I haven't yet been offered the position at this point, and still have some interviewing to do, but after Googling about working for a NPO, I'm getting mixed results about how people feel working with one: slim chances for advancements, lower salaries, wearing many hats, etc. I've also read some really good things about it as well.

I'm excitied, and slightly nervous, about being considered for the position. It would be my first real IT-related position, after more than a decade in the field for various telecom providers. It sounds like it would be a great opportunity to wear many hats and become well-rounded, gain great experience, meet interesting people, as well as being a part of their whole mission overall.

But I'm wondering if anyone has worked for a NPO and how they felt about the position, culture, work environment, management, advancement opportunities, salaries, etc. I'm just trying to see what may lie ahead if I happen to be offered the position.



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    I say go for it if the job description is what you're interested in. Even if you end up not liking it, you get experience and a paycheck. I worked for an NPO for a little over a year. I really enjoyed it. The people who work there are really passionate about their jobs.

    I will have to say pay can be on the lower end and there may not be any positions to move into down the road. But, one of the perks of being an NPO, I was able to purchase software licenses dirt cheap through Tech Soup. So, even though we didn't have a huge IT budget, I was able to continuously increase my skills with the latest technology.
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    Thanks VG, if the job is offered, I'm definitely accepting. I need all the experience I can get. I'm doing all the preparing I can to ace the first interview.
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    Considering this is your first IT job, you're relocating to the other side of the country, and you only have an AS degree (at least until you get your CCNA) to offer as credentials, you don't have a ton of bargaining leverage. I'd take the offer, even if prospects of working at a NPO seem crappy by your research. Foot in the door. You can always leave the job after a few months once you're settled in. In fact, I'd have pretty low standards and salary requirements for now just until you are situated.
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