Most recent TCP/IP model?

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The changes over the years and using various different courses of study has left me what should be a simple question:

What is the most current (likely to be tested on or referenced in 100-105) version of the TCP/IP model?

According to Chris Bryant its duplicate to the OSI model with the exception of combining layers 5-7 into just the "application" layer, but i have seen numerous other variations in other via different study material. All similar, but some may call layer 3 the "internet" layer, or some say layer 2 is split into two layers, some use host-to-host layer, etc.

I just want to know what is considered correct as of 100-105 in 2017.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


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    Check this documentation right from Cisco.

    Although it may mention host-to-host for the transport layer, be prepared for it to show up as the transport layer as well.

    TCP/IP Overview - Cisco
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    I think you are getting confused with the OSI model vs TCP/IP protocol stack.

    Check this link to understand the difference OSI and TCP/IP Model.

    For the purpose of the exam, you need to know both.
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