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Hi all!

So I will be sitting for the CISA later this month and have been studying like crazy. I've been using the QA Database and as of lately been scoring a consistent 70-75%. I haven't been able to get above 80. I work in the field and worked my way up from Helpdesk to IT Security to now IT Auditing. I feel as if my current experience has actually had a negative impact when it comes to answering the practice questions. My company President even said this exam is way better taken when you don't have a lot of experience and aren't already set in your ways. Besides the fact that I am trying not to be stubborn and not waste negative energy on wondering how some of the answers are considered incorrect, I would really like to change my mindset to the ISACA mindset and answer these questions correctly. My question to everyone is, how do I get in this mindset? I constantly get the questions wrong that seem subjective.

1. What is the most CONCERNING?
2. What is the BEST?
3. What is MOST LIKELY?
4. What is the GREATEST?

How do I engrave into my brain into thinking the way ISACA wants me to? How can I better assess or analyze these questions so that I can give the correct answer?



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    This is a really interesting question! Sorry I add no value here as I haven't began the path to the CISA yet. I am strictly technical and see this as being a challenge for me also.

    How goes the preparation?
    Failure is a stepping stone to success...
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    It's going! I'm about 85% through all the questions in the database. I've started getting better scores on questions I've already been asked but I fear it's because I'm memorizing the answers. I am making sure though to do research and read the explanations. Test is Tuesday!
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    [h=1]CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide, 4th Edition[/h]David L. Cannon with Brian T. O'Hara, Allen Keele

    Is best option to study + Cybex ITpro videos with Brian O'Hara (one of authors) + reference on important terms on internet, Wikipedia.

    For me the CISA Review Manual was impossible...... just like an ISO / Standards book :D
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