Passed Security+ 12 May 2017

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Hi guys,

New member here, been visiting Tech Exams forum for some time now and decided to register to contribute.

Anyways, passed S+ recently with a 837 icon_cheers.gif.

Resources used:
  • Darril Gibson's Get Certified Get Ahead Book (invaluable resource to be honest)
  • Darril Gibson's S+ App on IOS Store (awesome flashcards, mini tests etc to keep the brain going, pretty much used it wherever I went )
  • Darril Gibson's MP3 audios (great for listening in the car for my daily commute)
  • Professor Messer's youtube videos, S+ live study groups and quick notes ($10 for notes)
  • CBT Nuggets, Keith Barker videos (fresh perspective on S+) Free 7 days btw
Studied for about 3 months, 2-3 hours per day Mon-Thurs, and 3-5 hours per day Sat-Sunday.

Exam was challenging, some questions very straight forward and easy to answer, others I had to select a gut feeling answer, mark for review and move on for time's sake. Kept me busy for the full amount of time allocated. Had about 2-3 performance based questions but marked first and went straight to multiple choice questions, definitely had some beta questions, but nothing really difficult if you know your security concepts, IAAA etc.

This was my first CompTIA exam, and must say the questions are way easier to understand vs MS exams such as the MCSA.

Good luck to all pursuing S+, it really is a great exam to study for as you start building the core foundation of security with S+.

Now pursuing the CISSP, started with Cybrary and will be getting a CISSP book end of the month.


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    congrats!!! great score!!
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    Thanks guys!

    Tip I left out which helped me quite a bit: Download the exam objectives, and work through the points and explain them to yourself point by point. Mark the points that you struggle with and work out those weak points. Prof Messer's quick notes helped with this icon_thumright.gif
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    Certs Gained 2020: CCNA

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    Did you use gcga premium?
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    satishtech wrote: »
    Did you use gcga premium?

    Nope, only those mentioned in the first post. Though I hear they are quite resourceful in prepping for the exam.
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