GCIH Passed!

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Passed my GCIH yesterday with 93%.

Used up almost all of my 4 hours and finished with about 5 mins to spare.

During the exam i used almost exclusively the 504 books and my 1000 entry index. I took some **** sheets and the Red/Blue Team manuals bit dont think i touched them in the exam (I'd read the Blue Team one pretty well before hand and had been through commands in the Red Team)

Know your processes, know your tools and know your commands - You'll be fine!


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    Congrats! Any prior experience in the area? I'm planning to go for this by end year if my training is approved.
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    Congrats on the pass and amazing score!
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    Congrats! I just finished my simulcast course for this and I hope to do as well as you did.
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    Did you take the practice exams? If so, how did you do on them and do you think they were like the actual test?
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    fabostrong wrote: »
    Did you take the practice exams? If so, how did you do on them and do you think they were like the actual test?

    Those are great questions...I hope that Fac201 comes back with an answer - I too would be interested to know what their practice test scores were - and how much they moved up - that final score is a nice kick-ass score! Congrats again!
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    @TheForce - Reasonably new to full time security but have been working in IT for 20 years!

    @Fabostrong - My last practice exam i got a 78%. I would say difficulty wise the practice are pretty much the same as the live exams. In my actual exam i made a lot of use of the index i made. Prior to the exam i spent few days just going through my index and confirming why i'd added each entry. The helped me remember what i had in there (1000 lines!). As i said, i used up almost all the 4 hours, no point rushing this one.

    First checkpoint at 15 Q's i was at 85% but after that i stayed at mid 90's.

    I was able to mark 15 questions so made full use of that...
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