SANS Certification compare with ISC2 and ISACA

vynxvynx Member Posts: 153 ■■□□□□□□□□

i just want to know about comparison
for SANS Certification vs ISC2 and ISACA,
since i didnt see any SANS certification in IT top 10 highest paying certification.
can i know benefit or advantages of SANS certification?


  • jelevatedjelevated Member Posts: 139
    All of their offerings (well, many of them) will have some tie in with the DoD requirements so they are worth quite a bit considering they are required for you to hold the position.

    Of the three cert orgs you mention , I think GIAC stuff is the most practical but least known. By the way, SANS doesn't offer the certification, just the training. GIAC is the cert org.

    ISC2 certs are the well known. But they are less technical.

    ISACA is decent but the material is so dry. The CISA is unique because it's so focused on audit. But the CISM is often interchangable with the CISSP on job reqs.

    The point is is there are no silver bullets, and many of us have certs from all three of the above (plus some).
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