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I've been lurking here for a while and decided to register to post this question:

I'm currently working on an AS in IT security at a local CC while working full-time in a completely unrelated career. This school has been great so far, and is extremely accommodating / flexible when it comes to the fact that I'm taking a full 12 credit load in the mornings while working nights. Currently my plan is to finish this degree out by the end of spring next year and move onto another local 4 year university that has a degree track / feeder program agreement with the CC, then try and find a job.

The other option that I've recently taken an interest in is WGU. I've always believed the stigma about online colleges and whatnot, but it seems like the general consensus is rather positive on this one across the board. I figured I could finish out the AS then transfer to WGU afterwards and knock that out much quicker than if I was to go to the brick and mortar university.

The final option is to just leave the CC and go straight to WGU without picking up the associates.

Some info / caveats:
I'm in my early 30s.
I have most of my general electives done, and a few applicable IT classes finished.
School is paid for from military service.
I do have prior experience self studying / taking tests (I've been knocking out gen ed CLEP exams and have had plenty of military tests like this throughout my career).
I've got a clearance / veteran's preference and I'm currently a federal employee. I've also spoken to the hiring official on my base in regards to what would be required to get a gov't job in IT. (He suggested finishing my degree as well as a SEC+ cert to get in the door).
I have a fair bit of downtime in the mornings and my boss is cool with me doing school work if we have nothing going on.

I guess my biggest question is whether to stick with the 4 year brick and mortar route, or to transfer to WGU after finishing up the CC degree, or to just go straight with WGU.

Is an associates on my resume going to really bolster it that much?

Any words of wisdom in general for someone trying to break into the career at a later stage in life would be welcome as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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