ElearnSecurity Interaction

When I first started learning techie stuff, I stumbled onto elearnsecurity courses and enjoyed their setup. I found out later on PTS invites and I begged them for one. They actually gave me one eventually, lol. When they gave it to me, I ended up having a conversation with one of their reps. He was friendly and answered all my questions perfectly.

Fast forward about 6 months. I got an email today with a discount code from elearn-center. (which is a different website)
I was so excited for a discount on elearnsecurity that I didn't even read the email properly. lol, I tried to use it to sign up for a new elearnsecurity course. After it failed, I shot an email to elearnsecurity asking about the discount. After I realized my mistake, I wrote them saying I screwed up, not them. Even after that, they reached out to me and interacted with me in a very friendly and engaging manner.

I must admit, I think their customer service is the best of any company I've certified with. If you are on the fence about enrolling with them, don't be shy about talking to them. Their courses are awesome and their customer service is too. I wish others were as smooth as that.
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