PASSED the exam on June 19th

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I have faced the exam on 2017 June 19th and got through it. Its now finally behind me. Here is a short version of my story,

I am an information security professional working in the industry for nearly 7 years. I have Bachelors and Masters degrees under my name in the field of Computer Science. The successful learning pattern for me is rushing through theory and spend more time on doing practice questions.

So, to do the CISSP certification, I choose Eric Conrad’s CISSP Study Guide 3rd edition book. I did not choose to go through Shon Harris’ book since it is bulkier for me. I made my own short notes from the book (which totaled about 120 A4 pages).

(There are lot of study guides out there. Choose your one wisely which will match your study pattern. Do not get yourself lost going through too many guides)

After quickly finishing theory I spent more time on doing practice questions. I purchased the following,
1. The official CISSP practice tests kindle version
2. An account on https://www.freepracticetests.org
3. Shon Harris’ CISSP Practice Exams 3rd edition book.

Altogether I did about 1000+ practice questions from the above plus four practice tests (2 from the official tests book and 2 from freepracticetests.org ). I have scored around 80% in the practice tests. As most of others have suggested that if you can score 80% in the practice exams that you are good to go, I went ahead and scheduled the exam.

During the exam, concentrating for continuously 6 hours is difficult. I took 3 breaks during the exam. Therefore I would suggest that whenever you do a practice exam do it continuously for 6 hours to get a better practice and confident.

Good luck for all the people who are planning to do the exam!!!


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    Forest ,
    Congrats on the pass!!!
    Did you have the same feelings as the others?
    Like when you 've started the exam, that is something totally different then the test you did to make sure you are knowledgeble over all the domains?

    Could you give us some advice on the exam?
    Thank you :)
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    forestgumpforestgump Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks !!!
    I would say the pattern of the exam questions that I got are some what similar to ISC2 official practice exam questions. That’s what I felt. I did not get that feeling of “the exam has totally different types of questions!!!”. However I would say there were about 5-6 questions about things that I have never come across. From the questions, there were direct theory questions as well as practical\scenario based questions.

    One important thing is to manage the time and to keep cool icon_cool.gif. Take a good rest the day before the exam. Do not exhaust yourself. You need a lot of energy to run your CPU 100% for 6 hours icon_lol.gif
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    massiramonesmassiramones Member Posts: 57 ■■■□□□□□□□
    thanks a lot Forest for your reply.
    You are very kind, congrats again!:)
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    Congrats! Great job man!!
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