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Passed Sec+ last week with a score of 794. Having sat the Net+ exam in April I can honestly say Net+ felt more difficult than Sec+. I had two sims only which I marked for review and went through the questions first. I found questions were pretty straight forward and finished with exam in one hour.

Great thank you to Darril Gibson whose material was on point and greatly aided for my success. I read the book first and then bought the Premium content. Also used his phone app for doing tests offline and in situation where access to a computer or internet wasn't plausible.

Thank you all members of techexam for your support and help. Appreciate it!


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    Congrats! What is next for you?

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    That's the problem, I don't exactly know yet.
    I have no job experience nor a degree in IT and I notice some higher-level certs require job experience in IT specific fields.

    I done the three CompTIA certs to prove myself that I want to pursue a career in IT. I found it really motivating and I want to study further but I don't know where to pick up next. I am inclined towards security I believe as I found forensics and vulnerability scanning/pentesting sounding interesting.

    Any opinions on how to keep the study going ? Thanks.

    Also, question. I know it's early as I barely passed Sec+ but I want to know about eventually renewing the certs. If I get enough CEU points to renew Sec+ in next three years, will it renew also A+ and Net+ ? Or I need to get CEU points for all three of the certificates individually ?
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    If you pass the CompTIA CSA+ exam, it'll renew all of your 3 previous certs. Remember, this summer, the CompTIA organization is bestowing additional certifications for people who hold groupings of their certifications. For the A+/Net+/Sec+, I belive it's the "Infrastructure Specialist" certification. To my knowledge, CSA+ doesn't have any work-experience requirement like something from ISC2 or EC-Council. I might recommend something from eLearnSecurity if you're interested in PenTesting. I found the eJPT material pretty good and wide in it's scope of different material. Because networking skills are a good foundation, you might consider the Cisco CCNA certification, as well. Having the Net+, the first half of the exam (CCENT) shouldn't be too difficult for you.

    I hope this helps!
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    Congrats!! Take a look on CCENT and then move forward to CCNA R/S and CCNA Security.
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    Do you think R/S and Security are both worth doing if you're looking to progress into Security? I've been mulling them over most of today. :)
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    Congratulations! Dude, I say you did more than barely pass with a 794.
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    Well done! I'm looking at doing this soon.
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    greg9891 -
    Awesome choice of Bible verse!
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    Thank you all. And thanks GeekyChick for your help earlier last month.

    CSA+ sounds good for renewal. Hope 3 years is plenty feedback to get on that exam.
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    yes, imho, CCNA Routing & Switching is a must before moving to Security. It is important that you understand how it works before you can really apply and troubleshoot efficiently/effectively.
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    Is it a big difference between Net+ and R&S ? I mean, it has to be but I just wonder how big the gap in what to study is cuz' I could study for it next since my Net+ is pretty new and info is still fresh in my brain.
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    Thank you all. And thanks GeekyChick for your help earlier last month.

    You're welcome. Just passing it on. :D
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