What's next ?! Opinions please

Thoth_DhwtyThoth_Dhwty Member Posts: 96 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hi again,

Some time ago I asked for help with directions and I followed them through. I might look for suggestions again, if you willing to share.

I got through with A+ Net+ and Sec+ in past 6 months.
Next month I am moving back to Europe and eventually after all holidays done, by the beginning of October I will be able to get a job.

I have no degree in IT and no job experience in IT field. All I got is the CompTIA certs I earned this year and a great passion for computers and technology. I understand it is hard to get a job with just simply having certs, but I am willing to start anywhere and build my way up. I also notice some higher-level certs require job experience so I won't be able to certify for them anytime soon, but I am looking to keep the study and learning going.

I am inclined towards security and I found forensics really interesting. What studies/certs do you think I should pursue next ?

Thank you for your time.


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    NetworkNewbNetworkNewb Member Posts: 3,298 ■■■■■■■■■□
    You should get a job in IT asap. Start applying, ALOT.
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    scaredoftestsscaredoftests Mod Posts: 2,780 Mod
    What NetworkNewb said. Create a lab, practice!
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    PC509PC509 Member Posts: 804 ■■■■■■□□□□
    You have to do your time in the trenches. Even with a ton of certs and a college degree, you have to start at the entry level. Get a job, learn how things work in different environments (going from small business to enterprise is a huge shock, too... I had 15 years experience but all smaller business. Went to enterprise and it's a whole new world).

    Even entry level jobs can get you into security. Malware removal, anti-virus, firewalls, networking, various policies, etc.. Once you have some experience to back up those certs, you can move into more 'specialized' jobs in security.

    Also, set up a lab and play. It can take up a lot of time, though. It's fun stuff!
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    Thoth_DhwtyThoth_Dhwty Member Posts: 96 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thank you. I'll definitely set up that lab and play around and once in Europe I will start applying for jobs.
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    labscloudlabscloud Member Posts: 137 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I would consider getting a CCNA soon also, it'll give you a nice solid foundation of IT/Network knowledge coupled with your Comp+ certs! Apply like crazy for jobs and something will come through!
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    DatabaseHeadDatabaseHead Member Posts: 2,753 ■■■■■■■■■■
    CCNA is really one of a kind.

    It could be dumb luck, but everybody who got off the help desk in another technical role had the damn CCNA. I remember years ago, a help desk employee who showed up, all he had was a 3 month network contract and a CCNA. Less than a year later he was on the network team with the title network admin.

    Shortly later we had another guy attend the same community college program and obtain the CCNA was moved into a storage team (dont ask me why that happened).

    Later on we had another guy get his (you guessed it) CCNA and ended up signing a contract with an agency on a NOC and he now has his CCIE and makes quite a bit.

    Long story short I have seen several people head on to greener pastures after obtaining the CCNA. It's a legit certification.
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