Help Needed with Slow Performance

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Just this past couple of weeks, our end users have been complaining about files taking ages to save, move, and open, we also use AutoCAD DWG`s that take a long time to open and save. We are using a Hyper-V server (SBS Server) that's hosting two servers. One is a standard server 2012R2 that just has a few folders and software for our finance dept. The other server is being used as our main file server. I have checked performance on all servers, and the CPU and memory on both VM`s is very low. However, on the SBS Server the memory is at 96%. I have read into this level of memory and apparently its the norm for a SBS 2011 Server. So I also turned off the applications that we are not using so the SBS server. But still our end users are saying that the network is slow. I have noticed that the drive that has all the VM related files and data is running out of disc space and is in the red. I have moved about 50GB from our file server onto an external drive, but the VM drive is not showing an increase.

No updates have been applied to the servers before the issue started.


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    anti-virus scans/HBSS happening in the middle of day? Stop them or inform the group that perform this, to perform this during off hours Can you remove/download logs?
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