Passed CISSP 6/20/17

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Hi all. Read lots of these threads so wanted to contribute. Yes the test is long but fair. I studied for 4-5 months but the last month I actually learned and understood. I have been in IT for 20 years so had slight edge. You do need to memorize but after that learn it and understand the material so synonymous words dont get you. Take the time to learn the difference between similar items. I used Sybex 7th edition and their practice questions and apps. They are the best. I also took 2000 CCCure practice tests which are good as well. Transcender was a waste of time except in the fact it made me work 10 times harder which isn't a bad thing. It was far more difficult than the test. Also watch Cybrary videos and sunflower notes were good but I preferred my own. They were too overwhelming. 2 days before the test I actually read CISSP for dummies. I know right. However it framed out everything I learned very nicely and non technical. Get rest the night before and don't be cramming. I stopped studying about 20hrs before the test. Take your time and use the time they give you. I took my sweet time and finished in 3.5hrs. Took a 20 min break and then reviewed my flagged questions. READ the question slowly and listen carefully to Cybrary thoughts on how to answer. High level people and forget those knee jerk reactions we all do at work. Good luck.


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