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I got offered a job with a company called CSAT to repair Mac book laptops. Basically all I would be doing is diagnosing hardware issues and completing a repair. I have no opportunity in the near future to work on windows based computers. This will be my first IT position, but I am doubting how this will help me in the future. Would I be better off looking for Help Desk? I would think I would get more rounded experience working for someone like Geek Squad. Do desktop support technicians for companies even replace hardware in Macbooks? or do they send it off to some place like CSAT.


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    It's better than no job. There is usually a little bit of scope to touch on the software side of things when you work in hardware repair. If you are working for an Authorized Apple Service Provider, then they will probably want you to get Apple Certified Mac Technician and maybe Apple Certified iOS Technician. These both have a component in the OS side of things. Hardware skills are worth having on a resume, simply because they aren't that common. So if you are a helpdesk guy who can also repair a laptop, you might get more attention. If you do get certified, then you might be able to pursue a Mac/Apple-centric role, maybe with a school district or similar.

    Some companies do have in house repair/upgrade facilities, so do use people with hardware skills. But in general, I'd say unless you want specifically a career in either Apple or hardware repair, the main benefits are having an "IT job" to fulfill experience requirements for a job you might want, and some "bonus" skills in Apple/hardware to put alongside your core skills (whatever those might end up being).
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