CCNA Composite Packet Tracer LAB ?

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Hey, TE Members

I would like to find out any packet tracer labs that I can work on which would be able to cover the entire scope of the CCNA?

I was hoping something like a giant lab that encompases everything, I was just curious if anybody came across anything like that before.

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    When I prepared for the CCNA, I used packet tracer to follow along with the CTB nuggets videos. Their videos game me a better understanding of how to create simple networks from the ground up. I started with just a router, switch, 2 computers, and the appropriate cabling. I create simple RIP routes on the router that correlated to 2 VLANs on the switch and place one computer in each VLAN. I performed a traceroute from one computer to the other and watch in Command Prompt to see all the hops that were taken to reach the destination. Once I became more comfortable creating my own networks, I started expanding and doing more complex labs in Packet Tracer with multiple switches using VTP and multiple routers using point-to-point links over RIP. How long have you been studying?
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    Well, within three months I read both ICND1 and ICND2, however I had some undergrad courses that was a Cisco Net Academy went through all the courses, but never pursuit the Cisco Exam. So I would say i'm somewhat familiar, but I have much to learn.

    After reading both books cover to cover, I recently signed up for CBT Nuggets. I went through have the videos on ICND1 it's a bit slow compared to the book, but it's filling in alot of gaps along the way, concepts that i have missed or were not fully comprehending.

    I did however designed a lab that consisted of 12 routers running RIP and multiple VLANs followed by trunking and even implemented DHCP and tried to implement a DHCP pool using the relay option, but that aspect didn't work. I was hoping for like a lab that would be like overkill that encompasses everything within the CCNA and it instructed you to build and configure in said way.

    Thank You.
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    It might be difficult to find a lab that encompasses every single thing in one, but I reviewed all the labs I saved (several hundred) from my recent Netacad experience and I did find some Skills Assessment Labs that involve configuring WANS, DHCP, SSH, NAT, VLANS & Trunking, routing protocols, static routing, port security, ACLs. Quite a bit of stuff in one lab.
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    If you have Todd Lammle's book, he offers over 80 Packet Tracer Labs.

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