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Does anyone work for a company that uses Wipro (Service Provider) . I not asking if you work for them but work with them. Looking for opinions, good bad ...etc. This is also at US companies


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    they are you standard outsource service provider... been at a couple companies that used them for contact center and higher level support. they are on par with most other providers
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    Have contracted with them at a big name financial institution. According to the person I reported to, the company only used Wipro for outsourcing talent. I can't imagine they aren't the least bit satisfied with them considering how many options there are.
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    Glassdoor says the average wipro software engineers living in India make 477,465 Indian Rupee per year. That's ~$7,403 US Dollars per year. Of course the cost of living is different.

    The ones that know their stuff move on to a different job really quick, some of the others I can see why they get paid so little...
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    Mixed bag, like every other service provider. So depends on who is servicing your account. It's just another sweat shop like Accenture and IBM, so you get extremely great professionals and not so great ones.

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