Is the Linux+ exam a good way to learn Linux?

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I need to get my Linux skills way up. Is studying for the Linux+ exam a good way to learn Linux?

I've seen people here recommend Linux Academy. What do you think of it? How good are the labs? Can you really learn the material?

Are there any books that you recommend? Are some better for learning Linux while others are better for preparing for the exam?


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    Although I had already worked on Unix and Linux for many years, this taught me a lot:

    LFS Project Homepage

    IT won't get you to the point that you can pass the test, but you will come out the other end know Linux. I did a few write-ups on some of it:
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    Yes Linux+ is a good way to get you started with learning the Linux OS. Keep in mind it won't make you an expert but it will give you enough of a foundation to start using the OS at a decent level. Consider doing LPIC-2 after Linux+ then after LPIC-2 maybe look at RHCSA/RHCE. I plan on taking my LPIC-2 to recertify my LPIC-1 in a few years.
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    You might want to grab an edX course on it. It's free from what I remember doing a while ago:
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    I'm currently reading the Comptia Linux Plus Exam 3rd Edition by Christine Bresnahan and Richard Blum. The reading is a little dry but I also signed up for the Linux Academy after reading a few posts about them on TechExams and so far I fell I am doing well. I really want to learn Linux and I figured getting certified in the process was a plus. I have been on a few job interviews lately and two perspective employers had written tests and I was surprised about how many Linux questions were on technical tests. Just keep at it and you will be fine. My wife got a new laptop and I took her old laptop and installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on it and I am forcing myself to use Linux everyday and my knowledge is growing.
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