eJPT labs/exam question

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When doing the eJPT labs, what would I need to install on my computer to connect? Would I need to have my own Kali VM running to conduct the exercises, or is a VM made available to me within the lab environment?

Same questions for the exam as well.


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    You will only be provided a VPN account, you will need your own VPN software and computer. You can use a Kali VM which comes with all the necessary pentesting tools including VPN. All instructions on how to connect to the VPN will be provided to you for the 3 major OSes, Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Good luck.
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    Roger that, thank you!
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    If you can run the VM and SSH into it while in Windows, it'll help you out. You'll be able to take screenshots or copy/paste commands for notes into evernote.
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    Cool, thank you for the tip!
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