Passed CASP

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I passed the CASP exam last week.

I'd say the CASP was 3 or 4 times as hard as the Security+, based on required study time. I studied about 50 hours for Security+, which was more than necessary. (That study time was on top of my existing Cisco and Microsoft certifications, and many years of experience in the computer industry.) I studied about 100 hours for CASP, and felt like I just barely passed. 150 hours would've been smarter.

Was surprised that I had to draw on my Cisco training for the answers to so many questions. In particular: You'd better be able to read, understand, and use Cisco ACL.

Remember that at a command line in the simulations, you can type in ? to get a list of the available commands.

There were a ton of questions on web technologies. Maybe it just seemed that way because web technologies are a weak area for me.

Also saw a bunch of questions that I don't remember being covered in the Abernathy & McMillan book. Was able to answer some of them based on cyber security articles that I'd read on websites years ago. Some of them may have been the trick questions that don't count but were designed to detect cheaters. Don't know what the heck the rest of them were; they were so alien that I didn't even know where they came from or if they were asking about real things.

I used the Boson CASP practice labs in addition to the Abernathy & McMillan book. There wasn't much overlap between the labs and the test questions, but the labs did cover stuff that you'd need to know if you got a job based on passing the CASP exam. So I'd buy the Boson Labs again.

The practice exams that come with the Abernathy & McMillan book are much easier than the real CASP exam. If you scored 800 on those practice exams, you'll score about 650 on the real test.

Am so glad it's over!
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