How recognized is the eJPT?

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For anyone who holds this cert, how beneficial has this certification been in respect to getting noticed? I can clearly see the educational value from this cert, but I have never seen it included in a job-posting. I'm trying to find SOC work and I'm weary of the eJPT's recognition or lack-of-thereof because without opening up a can worms, I feel like the CompTIA certs I got don't mean much to prospective employers.

I realize I wouldn't be doing pen-testing in an SOC, but I do see the CEH as a "preferred" qualification in SOC positions. icon_rolleyes.gif


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    Not recognised by employers, but the skills you will gain are invaluable

    OSCP to get a real pentest job, CEH to get a job in a SOC that has nothing to do with pentesting (which you can get without CEH)

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    The skills that you learn and the methods and tools that you're exposed to are great.
    Use it as a stepping stone to understand how attacks are performed. It's a tool based exam but it doesn't mean that it's easy though. You still have to have knowledge of networking and server info but not to an extreme. More like entry level.
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    eJPT won't get you an interview, but once you do land an interview, you can use it as a talking point to show your skillset to the interviewer.
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