Need Resume Help/Career Assistance

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Hello, everyone.

I've been a lurker on these boards trying to help find a direction to go with my IT career. However, I've been job hunting for the last couple months and have been unsuccessful in securing a job. I posted a redacted version of my resume over on Reddit in /r/resume with hopes that I would get some critiques; however, with 32 views and no replies, I thought it best to come to a more IT-focused group. I'm hoping perhaps some you more veteran gurus can help point me in a direction and offer any input on how to edit my resume.

I initially gave a run down of my IT experience during my 12 years on Active Duty; as well as, my last job--wasn't sure it was really that important to include in the initial post or not.

Here's the link to my redacted resume:

Any input would be awesome.

Thank you!


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