What is your favorite Udemy course or favorite instructor?

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I have been using Udemy for a while - I actually learned about it from the forum. I see it a few courses mentioned and Udemy is often recommended as a resource here. While I think their "list price" of their courses are a bit crazy, I have found a ton of good content on the site.

So - I thought I would just poke around to see what everyones favorite course or instructor was.

For me, Chris Bryant is my favorite instructor. His CCNP course is definitely a favorite of mine. I know a lot of people knock him for his accent but being a southern myself I have no problem with it as I know I would sound far worse.

How about you?


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    My favorite is not a technical course.

    Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way To Change Your Habits.


    I finished it in Jan 2016, I think I will do it again next month, lots of useful tips.

    At the beginning I thought he sounds sleepy (boring) but his method of teaching does work.
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    You know - that is an interesting course. I have never looked into any of their non-technical courses to be honest.
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    I'm going to throw some praise on Kevin Wallace. His tone and delivery are very well crafted and to the point. He doesn't over complicate things, instead his ability to debase concepts to their fundamental notions is a true gift. He was great help to me in moving through some foreign concepts and re-inforcing other material I thought I all ready knew. I especially like his accent and everything with a W or WH sounds like it has an inherant H sound before it. Like Wallace would be prounounced "Hu-Wall-As."
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    Second Chris Bryant. I'm currently going through his CCNA course and it's very informative, although I'm using Todd Lammle's book as well for additional studying.
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    Enjoyed Chris as well for CCNA R&S and CCNAS. That being said... I'm 1/2 way through a Project 2016 course with Srikanth Shirodkar... and it's great so far. He's enthusiastic and very informative... the accent is a little heavy but not bothersome IMO.

    Udemy is evil... lol I have 8 courses I still need to view.. when they run the $10-$15 specials... I end up buying something LOL... bad habit... or a good one I suppose... if I can get around to watching the content.

    Good stuff.
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    +1 for Chris Bryant (CCNA & CCNP)

    I know how it feels, love their special sales. Feels like the Steam Summer Sale for training courses!
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    Of the few Udemy courses I've taken, my favorite instructors have been Mike Meyers (A+) and Zaid Sabih (various penetration testing courses).

    Like many others, I have way too many courses in my queue. So much I want to learn; so little time.
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    Mark Price!
    His iOS courses are fabulous! Easy to understand and hands on!
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