Im back guys!!!!

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After a long hiatus I have returned.... I am here to say to everyone, sometimes you have to step back from what your doing to get focused on what you want. Long long story short I ended up getting mixed up with bad people that took me off my path as a IT guy and lead me on the path of just being a driver making 50 bucks a day to a guy that was getting taken advantage of....

A word of advice......

Keep in touch with your IT friends and people you clicked with at jobs you had in the past. You never know when you will meet them or they will help you out. I say that because I met up with a HS buddy of mine that had been trying to get in touch with me to help him with his IT business and help me get back in IT.... SO far the business is doing well and im very happy to be back where I belong!

I missed you guys!
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