How challenging was the SK0-004 (Server+) for you? Tips/tricks for passing?

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hey guys,

Gearing up to finally take the server+ on July 17. I got the certmaster study material and have been going through that, I usually get at least 2/3 of the questions right. Did you find it challenging? Any tips or tricks for passing or what did you find that a lot of the material covered? I am kind of second guessing myself and wondering if I should reschedule my exam date to make sure I am ready but I am not sure if it is just nerves.

worst case scenario, anyone know if Comptia gives you "second chances" at a reduced rate or are you on the hook to buy a brand new voucher again.



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    I don't know if you all ready have a voucher, but this option appeared to be pretty handy.
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    It's definitely a tougher test than most people think. I would recommend having some server experience going into it. Be sure to use more than one resource to study this exam with, I don't think you can pass it with just CertMaster, but if you are a good test taker then you might be alright. Just be sure to go through each exam objective and KNOW IT, otherwise you might be throwing money away.
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    Honestly, I took the 004 exam earlier this month. I say on a scale of 1-10 1 being easy and 10 being hard, I say it is around 6. Main reason is because some of the questions are situation based and there can be 2 good answers. One being a textbook answer and 1 being real world based answer. When you take the real exam you will see what I mean. Besides that, the other questions were very straight forward provided you read the books for Server+. Didn't have a lot of RAID questions on my exam maybe 3 but shockingly, the RAID questions were easy. I got 835/900 on the exam and finished with 9 mins remaining. That said though, I do have other certifications and most of the material was overlap. Provided you have an A+, Network+ and CCENT background, I say the exam should go fine. Just review the server specific topics like Blade servers stuff like that only seen in Server+ and you should be good. Use the bundle listed in this thread to get a bigger bang for your buck. The Certmaster I feel was ok for quick on the go study. One thing to note though, don't get discouraged if you don't get questions right on the certmaster app. I used the app and got discouraged before my exam but pulled myself together. Hope what I am saying helps. Good luck! PM me if you have questions provided they don't break NDA.
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    Hey thanks a lot everyone for your replies!

    mastaflash, not sure if this is kosher to ask, but would you say a lot of the questions dealt with a certain subject like networking, power, TCP/IP, industry practices (lots of backup and industry stuff like COOP on the certmaster)? Just wondering what to focus my efforts on the most. This is my first certification but I have been helping out with datacenter stuff for about 2 years now.
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    I would say for the purpose of the exam, know industry practice concepts like when to deploy patches, backup types etc. the TCP/IP and networking is basic like A+ type of basic. I can't say much else beyond that. Good luck.
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