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I've scheduled SSCP exam for July 22nd, the earliest available date. Been studying CISSP and thought that this cert would be a good stepping stone. Been studying Skillsoft, Sybex guides, and the official ISC2 study app. Used the Sybex and the Skillsoft practice questions. I get about 85 - 95 on the Sybex. Skillsoft I seem to get about 75-85.

Is Transcender or uCertify worth the money for practice test? Are there any other resources that I could look at?

I'm a bit stressed since I have all of my upper-management's spotlight on this and my exams to come.

Thank you.
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    Download the Exam Outline here:
    Study the 7 domains listed here:
    Score 70% or higher on a scaled score and you're golden:

    From the look of your scores, you're doing pretty well. A guideline I've adopted since coming to this forum is trying to score at least 10 percentage points above the passing score in a consistent basis to allow for error and still pass. It's worked so far and I'll continue to do so. Looks like you shouldn't have much trouble. Maybe pick up ITpro.TV as they have a video series on SSCP and free transcender exams.
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    Sounds like you're doing great! If you search on my username, you can find some posts that I made regarding the materials I used. [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] is right in that you should make sure that you know something about each domain. I made a spreadsheet and outlined each domain on its own page. Then I made sure that I studied every bullet point for each domain in the exam outline. Also, know the common ports, OSI, incident handling steps, etc.
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    Thanks [email protected] and tedjames for the feedback. I appreciate it.
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    You have a good study plan and more practice material suggested by [email protected] & tedjames will only make you that much more prepared. Good luck!!!
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    I passed the SSCP today :) I used the plural site learning path. From reading tips on this forum though I realised that would not be sufficient enough to pass so I purchased the official SSCP CBK which was a tough read but so glad I invested. The plural site comes with the transcender exam questions which were awesome too.
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    I have been officially certified as SSCP!

    Thank you all for the advice and encouragement!
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