Passed first attempt, 6/24

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I have been lurking on the forum for quite awhile, more so when I was looking to take my CISSP. I provisionally passed on 6/24 and have already submitted all my materials for endorsement, onto more waiting. I had been studying off and on for awhile, I would pick up the book then get distracted by work or something else going on and never had a concrete study plan. It was not until I actually scheduled the test that I started to get more serious about studying since I knew that the test was coming up, and even then it was more sporadic than anything usually just on weekends. Below are the materials that I used:

Cybex CISSP official study book
Some videos from FedVTE on areas that I wanted more clarification
some questions from
about 750 questions from

Most of my studying was actually done the last 8 days leading up to the exam. I still had not finished about half of the Cybex book and was going through that every night as my work schedule had changed from 10 hours to 8. I would basically get home at 5 and study from about 6-6:30-10 that last week and I squeezed in a few practice tests as well. I was actually feeling pretty discouraged due to the fact that my scores on the CCCure tests were actually going down somehow, I had even changed the difficulty from Pro to Hard after reading here that the hard difficulty was more like the test. I even took 2 150 length tests on friday, the day before the test and both ended badly, so needless to say my confidence was low that night. I stopped going through questions around 9 and just relaxed for a couple hours before going to bed and that really helped.

The next morning I was feeling a lot better and just put the practice tests behind me and went in with the mantra of slow down and read the questions as I have a tendency of rushing through questions. Overall the test took me 4 hours and I was really nervous when i hit submit. I took the methodology of going through every question first, marking ones I was uncertain of or would maybe see something in another question that would job my memory later to review later, then review all those questions and finally submit the test. I thought it would be like CompTIA tests where it would tell you the results on the screen, when it didn't I got even more nervous and made the long walk up to the front desk even worse. I was shocked that I had passed and was so relieved to say the least.

All I can say at this point is don't get discouraged by practice tests too much and try and go in with a clear head and just focus on the task at hand. And this forum was also a big help in things as well.


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    Congratulations on your Pass!

    How many times did you go through the official book and other study material? I am asking because i am about to finish my Sybex book and it feels i dont remember the first half, so much material to comprehend its overwhelming icon_cry.gif.

    Good Luck
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    I went through the book once, I did go back and do a little bit of a refresh on the security models as I was particularly weak on that subject, but that was it.
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    100 prep questions for a test that has 250 questions does NOT compute.

    is this some sort of scam? Why not just give all of the information upfront instead of trying to use covert channels.
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    For $35, someone can buy the digital Sybex Official Study Guide from Amazon and it comes with 1500+ test questions. Everyone learns and retains information differently, so your notes may have been instrumental in your passing, but to those that are preparing for the CISSP they might not find them as useful.
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