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Hooray! Passed my Network+ test with a 820 score. Thanks to this wonderful website for having such excellent notes and practice exams. Next....on to MCP!


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    Congratulation!!! :D
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    Congratulations! Great score.

    Best of all lucks on MCP.
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    which microsoft exam are you intending to hit first?
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    I've decided to take the 70-270 test! Wish me luck.....i'll be back to report my results. :D
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    Congratulations icon_lol.gif
    My next goal is the Network+ Certification.
    I can almost taste it.
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    Hello guys. I passed yesterday too!! Just like Boogy, I will be working on 70-270 now.

    I really wanna thanks this place for the help and notes for Net+.

    I just have a question. I am just wondering if I should consider doing 2003 server instead of 2000? I know most of the companies out there use 2k server, or even NT.

    Thanks in advance if someone can help me out here.

  • cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    I would just go for 2000 at the moment. That's the approach that I'm taking. So few companies use 2003 that it wouldn't be necessary this early it it's life. Upgrade to 2003 when you need to.

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    I agree with Cheeblie (dang, is that a first icon_wink.gif ) - 2000 is what is out there at the moment so that would be the go.
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    Well, I also agree with you that Security+ is a horrible test. icon_wink.gif

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    It's great to see agreement!

    Congrats to you Wolf...!

    I would recommend also that, if you're not already so, try to get plugged in around locally and find out what NOSs are being used now. Probably be better for the present as far as securing employment goes. Besides, management's going to say, "We upgraded to this system only 5 years ago(or maybe only 10) and it cost us umpteen-thousand dollars to do it. We can't spend so much more now for this new system."

    It's going to take a gooood salesman to get a whole lot of new systems up at one time! I think stick with what is familiar. Of course, there may actually be a really good salesman around too. So, try to find present use and prepare accordingly.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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