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Hey all,

So I have had a few interviews lately and am waiting to hear back from a few. This week I was browsing LinkedIn and saw that there are tons of more IT jobs in my provinces capital which is 2 hours away from where I live. The problem for me is competition. I made the interviews, but don't get any offers (even in non IT places like Home Depot) in my current city. A second problem is I'm fully deaf in my left ear and my right ear is deteriorating, and I'm on a waiting list for my cochlear implant surgery, so I am starting to learn sign language (which is VERY hard).

I am doing my best to take any job I can, even if it's part time, whether it's IT or not (but I prefer IT so I can do what I love). If I get the offer as a Systems Administrator that I recently had an interview for, I may not even bother going back to finish the 3 remaining courses to get my Certificate in college. When you think about it, it's a struggle for me this year:

-studying for CCENT/CCNA
-job hunting/getting interviews with no luck on a offer
-learning sign language while relying on remaining hearing I have left to use to communicate
-possible near future cochlear implant surgery and rehab

I don't know if it's worth moving to a bigger city based on what I mentioned above, however my surgery and rehab will be in the city that I am looking to relocate to if needed. I even posted some ads offering computer repair/network support to make money to help pay my bills and rent.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?
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    I understand how you feel to a degree. I have a BS in psych i got laid off from my insurance job last September and I can get interviews but no where will hire me because I was working at my last company 6 months before being laid off (which many people seem to not understand and think I just left or something) and my job before that was only 7 months because the agent I was working for retired. I just finished reading for the CCENT and now I am reviewing. Are there places jobs that you can commute to instead of moving? The struggle is real my friend, I have not had a good year either, but just keep pressing forward. Once you have your CCENT you may have more options so try to get that done ASAP, that's what I'm doing. Moving is expensive so I wouldn't if you didn't have to. Try to find jobs in surrounding areas. An hour or 45 min commute sucks but it's better than moving when you don't have the funds or can spend them more efficiently.
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    I know this feeling. I live in an area where we have a 121k population in a 3 town area. And I myself have been looking for almost a year and a half now for an entry level job within the IT field. I have been contemplating moving from CA to FL here in the near future so that I can be closer to my dad, and the population of the City he lives within is roughly 131k alone. It is all about the need for career/family/self.
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    I am getting ready to move to Santa Barbara to take an IT job working with Cisco products but it's a few months down the line. Nothing really entry level wise in my area but with a few years of experience I'll be netting 80-90k.
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    If you have 3 courses remaining to get your certificate in college, that is not bad. It is another achievement that you can put on your resume. I strongly suggest you finish.
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