Passed Sec+ no idea what to do next.

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Only passed with a 775 but a win is a win right? I'm an application analyst/SharePoint admin with 6 years of experience in my role. Anyone have suggestions of what i could take next to help land a security job?


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    That great!!! I should get my A+, mta, ccent, and security by feb of next year (if I study my ass off) but here a roadmap I going by kindred. It is a good roadmap that you can get an idea off of.
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    I think OSCP is a very good choice
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    js586850 wrote: »
    Only passed with a 775 but a win is a win right?

    How long did you study for? What did you use to study, did you finish all the questions before the time ?

    When did you know you were ready for it?
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    try comptia's csa+ to help you learn some real world skills.
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    Good job man!
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