CISSP Maybe or Maybe not?

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Hi everybody,

I am new to and I have scurried the internet where I have found this site to be the most useful from what I can tell. I am retired and currently living in Southeast Asia. I really do not have any hobbies except traveling the world and eating some of the best food the world has to offer, so I thought I would take up learning some certifications to enhance my IT knowledge and keep up to breast with IT standards, tech, and policies because IT was always a passion of mine and still is. Anyways, I tried to take the CISSP exam in 2013 and barely missed passing the exam as I got 697 points. I was very discouraged after spending 3 months studying about 45 hours a week for 3 months. It was actually one of the reasons why I decided to quit my job and retire along with my mental health and physical health not being able to complete some of the easiest tasks my job required. My question to all you members is, should I pursue the CISSP exam or other certifications or should I just sit back and enjoy the retired lifestyle even though I am going to enjoy it anyways?


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    It's caused you lots of stress before, and it sounds like you don't need that now. What would your purpose be in pursuing the CISSP?
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    I don't think its worth it. You are retired, you can still take a book and read and study but for someone that has retired I don't see any benefit in being certified. Honesty when I retire, I'll just work out and play sports.
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    You are right. It caused lots of stress, but I never got over that I only missed passing by 3 points and the test cost $600 which was not a small amount of money back then. Now I have more time on my hands, so I might just want to do it to have something to do or just learn about technology so I can keep up with a conversation piece with some of my friends who are also into tech. The CISSP would also keep me busy because I would have to do something like 50 hours of CEUs per year, I think.
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    I would just enjoy your retirement and continue eating good food and traveling. I hope to get there some day!
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    Your retirement life sounds great, so there's no need to add unwanted stress. You can still stay abreast of the latest technology and information security trends without being certified. Enjoy!
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    If you enjoy the challenge of studying and trying to pass it by all means go after it! If you passed it, in your shoes, I would not worry about the CEUs. There would be no point. If your not enjoying the challenge, I would rather spend my time playing some golf or on a boat. icon_wink.gif
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    I'd say go for it. I can't see it being that stressful when failing doesn't affect anything. You've got unlimited study time as well.
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