CCNA Composite Failed

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Hey, Everyone

I notice alot of people posting passing results, but not much failures. So, I'm here to inform everyone here of failing. I'm hoping you guys can learn from my mistakes and perhaps make some suggestions to help make some improvements. Failing is embarrsing it's just ugh! Walking back to the hot girl behind the computer and she hands you a failed paper it's just horrible!

So heres the breakdown I scored 525/810 and I still had 26 unanswered questions remaning! I ran out of time! I flew threw all multiple choice questions, but got held up at a simulator! The multiple choice questions were really easy! I just wasn't sure! I was able to use the right commands to pull up the informaiton, but I wasn't sure about the answerss being presented.

I lost track of time and ended up spending 24 minutes on one question! UGH!!!!

I've heard if you fail a simulator quesiton you fail the exam, so I wanted to be 100% exact! I'm thinking about breaking it up and taking the CCENT and then The CCNA.

Thank You, TE
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    That's tough unlucky icon_sad.gif i don't know the scoring system for CCNA exams seems like 200pts for a sim tho. But from that looks like you woulda aced it if you completed the remaining questions. At least now you have had a practice run and know what to expect in your resit whichever route you take composite or individual exams (i'll be doing individual)
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    Hold your head up high UsualSuspect7, I think the first step to passing your exam is time management. Like Mr.Robot255 said you already have a pretty good score considering you have 26 questions wrong you would have passed or been close to passing for sure if you finished all of the questions. Time management seems like what you need to work on right there.
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    Don't break it up to two exams !
    Now when you know what exactly expect from this, with working on time management, you should pass on your second try.
    Many todays CCIE passed they CCNA exam on second and even third try. There's no shame on that.
    I'm sure you will pass !
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    I took the CCNA bootcamp and had a voucher so I took the composite exam and also failed, by around 200 pts. I was able to take it again for free but failed again by 100 pts. I took them separate when it was out of pocket and did much better. IMO, the information is delivered differently when you take the ICND1 and ICND2 vs the CCNA. You get the same time and the same amount of questions for each exam but it was just easier for me. I have recommended the 2 test path to others that have failed the CCNA multiple times. That's my 2 cents and testing method but whatever works.
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    I would say the composite is very difficult for anyone with not enough experience in Cisco networking. It's meant for people that want to renew the CCNA (this is my case).

    Honestly it just covers so many different small topics that for a newcomer or someone with less experience it can be harder.

    ICND1 is all about fundamentals and theory. You can seriously do a full CCENT lab doing everything you need to know in probably 1.5 hrs. Try to do full labs, run debugs while breaking stuff so that you see the effects of misconfigs. Some packet captures will help you as well. And use flash cards and test exams for improving your test taking ability.
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    I notice alot of people posting passing results, but not much failures. So, I'm here to inform everyone here of failing.

    It takes courage to admit failure.

    Cheers to you, sir!
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    Keep your head up. It's all about how you respond to this failure. Let it be the fuel that pushes you to reach a passing score the 2nd time around. Good luck!
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    Way back when I took the CCNA as one test and failed it like you did, spending too much time on the simulator questions. But I got the hang of how to work with the simulator and passed it the next time. You probably will do the same if you feel like you've got a good handle on the simulator questions
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