CISSP Exam 30/6/2017 - 1st attempt FAILED 686

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Hi all,

Thought I'd give some feedback based on my failed attempt on the CISSP exam on the above mentioned date.

4yrs info sec industry and previous yrs in IT technical roles ie 15yrs IT. certified Sec+ and CE|H

Gave myself 4months prep and used the following materials ;

1. Cybrary videos - Kelly Handerhan
2. Sybex 7th edition plus Practise exams (averaged 70% on the practise tests)
3. Sunflower overview paper
4. Andriod CISSP study guide
5. Mind Maps & you tube videos on weak areas

I scored 686

My top 3 weakest areas were ;

1. Secuirty Operations
2. Assett Security
3. Security Engineering

What I learnt

1. Practice questions dont always cut it .. READ The book and understand the concepts ! I didnt read much .. just referenced.
2. I had alteast 5 questions on SDLC ! .. i over emphasised on crypto
3. THIS IS ONE DIFFICULT EXAM ! (for me anyway)
4. DONT CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS ! ( after i finished i decided to go back and change my answers, one of them i changed i realised i shouldnt have after the exam)
5. The questions are very different to practise questions
6. I need to review material from different providers ie the official CISSP CBK ? anyone else comment on that ?

Anyway ive given myself 4weeks until the next one and iam writing a new plan .. anyone make suggestions please advise ?
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