Solicited node multicast Excluded from filter list

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The link below kinda explains it but not good enough for me
Why exclude something that from your list of filters

28:30 is where it is talk about



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    Per RFC 3810, we must maintain state for each multicast group. "Conceptually, that state consists of a set of records, with each record containing an IPv6 multicast address, a filter mode, and a source list." Note that EACH record has a filter mode (include/exclude) associated with it.

    In include mode, the router will only accept packets for the specified address if the source address is specifically listed. That is, we only accept packets from sources we explicitly specify. In exclude mode, the router will only accept packets from sources that are not specifically contained in the exclude list. That is, we accept packets from everybody unless they are specifically mentioned on the exclude list.

    In the case of solicited node multicast, what you cannot see in the video you referenced is the "number of sources" parameter, which should be zero in this case. In other words, the frame he captured is saying that, for this particular multicast address, we changed the mode to exclude (accept all packets except from sources specified) and set the blacklisted sources to zero. In other words, accept traffic from all.
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